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  • Tourism set to provide new future for Qianxinan


    Qianxinan prefecture in Guizhou province will attempt to develop “all-for-one” tourism in an effort to revitalize rural areas.

  • Tourism increases the income of Xingren farmers


    Majinhe Scenic Area, located in Beisuo village in Xinreng county of Qianxinnan prefecture, is a national 3A-level scenic area. Recently, flowers including peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and rape flowers have all bloomed, attracting many visitors.

  • Yang Yongying: Qianxinan prefecture speeds up development


    In recent years, the annual growth rate tourists and the tourist revenue of Qianxinan prefecture has been above 45 percent, promoting the development of the region.

  • Guizhou deputies promote ecology during the two sessions


    Three Guizhou deputies to the 13th National People's Congress, who are governors of three autonomous prefectures of the province, showed a "calling card" of their respective prefectures to the media at a group interview in Beijing on March 9.

  • Secret of Qianxinan’s booming tourism


    In the interview with the delegation from Guizhou province at the Two Sessions on March 9, Yang Yongying, governor of Qianxinan prefecture said, "You are all welcome to come visit Qianxinan prefecture, to experience the beauty of a mountainous region, its culture, and its environment."

  • 'Feast for the Eyes' Festival in Zhenfeng County


    With a theme of "charm of an ancient city, and appeal of the Miao people", Zhenfeng county will host "relative-visiting festival" of the Miao ethnic group on March 17 and 18.

  • Revitalizing Qianxinan's Economy


    Xingren county has become the biggest production base of coix seeds in China, even in Southeast Asia.

  • Turning Bouyei ethnic wear into an earning proposition


    The ongoing two sessions in Beijing are the first that Wei Bo, a new deputy to the National People's Congress from Guizhou province, has attended.

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