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  • Miao silver ornaments


    ​In Miao culture, silver is more than just a decoration.

  • Kam Grand Choirs


    Kam Grand Choirs, or "Gal Laox" in the Dong language, is an indispensable part of Dong people’s culture.

  • Yi people’s ‘oriental tap dance’


    Known as the “oriental tap dance”, A Mei Qi Tuo is a unique dance of the Yi ethnic group in Guizhou province.

  • Miao courtship on show in Guizhou


    Many young Miao men and women still take part in a mass courting ritual.

  • Miao New Year


    Miao New Year is celebrated at different times in different regions.

  • Sewing the future of Bouyei costumes


    Huang Jinmei is a woman on a mission: to preserve the future of traditional Bouyei clothes – one stitch at a time.

  • Chixin Festival


    The festival is celebrated by multiple ethnic groups, including the Miao, Dong and Gelao that are commonly found in Southwest China.

  • Costumes of the Bouyei ethnic group


    For many of the Bouyei ethnic group, making and wearing traditional clothes when occasion permits is a rite of passage.