Xingren county earns over 3 million yuan during Golden Week

Updated: 2017-10-13

Xingren county in the Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture welcomed 645,000 tourists over China's National Day holiday week from Oct 1 to 8, bringing in more than 300 million yuan ($45,500), according to the local tourism department. 

In response to Guizhou province's promotion of tourism, Xingren county has invested some 300 million yuan in improving the travelling experience of holiday visitors. 

The county has built new reception centers for tourists and new scenic spots, such as vast flower fields, a heart-shaped walkway and a grass skating field. 


Xingyi county opens a vast flower field to visitors during the National Day holiday week from Oct 1 to 8. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

In the famous Fangma Grassland Scenic Area, more than 30 teams from across the country participated in a kite flying competition, showcasing kites of different sizes and shapes and drawing hundreds of visitors each day. 


A kite flying competition is held in the Fangma Grassland Scenic Area in Xingren county, Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

Visitors appreciated the flying kites and camped on the grassland at nightfall. "The scenery of Fangma Grassland is so beautiful that we feel really relaxed during the holiday," said a visitor from northern China's Jilin province.


Visitors camp in Xingren county's Fangma Grassland Scenic Area during the National Day holiday week from Oct 1 to 8. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

Apart from Fangma Grassland, Baling Lyuyin River and Hebin Park have also become new favorites for visiting tourists. 

The tourism department of the county also provided better services to accommodate visitors and strengthen security to protect visitors over the holiday.