Zhenfeng to build wetlands for mountain tourism

Updated: 2017-07-12

To welcome the upcoming 2017 International Conference of Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports, Zhenfeng county, Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, will build a wetland park and improve the local ecological environment.


An artistic impression of the wetland park to be built in Zhenfeng county, Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

The wetland park is projected to cover 660,000 square meters. A total investment of 540 million yuan ($79.4 million) has seen the first phase of the project currently underway, with the second phase to start next year.


The wetland park is projected to improve the landscape, including rivers and grasslands, covering 660,000 square meters. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

"The park will take shape this September and will become an iconic green space in the county," said Ou Zhongfei, chief engineer on the project.

Based on the original ecological systems in the region, the park is expected to be a tourism destination in the suburbs of Zhenfeng, combining sightseeing, scientific research and wetland culture exhibitions. 

Chen Guangming, manager of the project, said, "The park will definitely improve the local people's living environment and facilitate tourism in the county at the same time."


Engineers on the project discuss schematics on July 4. [Photo/ldqxn.com]