Xingyi mutton rice noodles

Updated: 2017-07-10

Xingyi city in Guizhou province is known as "the hometown of mutton rice noodles" for the fresh ingredients and secret sauce. 

The main ingredients are fresh meat from black goats, rice noodles and secret sauce. With its special recipe, the local famous dish has attracted many foodies from home and abroad to try the dish.

Xingyi has vast grasslands and grass slopes, providing enough food for black goats. People choose high quality rice to grind them into flour and make noodles.

The sauce is made from soybeans, wheat and glutinous rice. The ingredients are fried and milled, before being fermented for nearly 30 days. The resulting paste is then dried, mashed and added mixed with additional condiments, such as anise. Putting all these stuff into a closed jar for another 99 days, the sauce is finally made.

Stewed, sliced mutton on top of rice noodles, green onion, coriander, pickled radish and the fried sauce make for a very tasty Xingyi delicacy.