(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-09-13

Days Hotel and Suites Zhaozhuang Resort-Xingyi

This is located on Donghuan Rd, Xingyi, a 12-minute bus ride from the downtown. It is in a good location, surrounded by forest and Wanfeng Lake, near the Maling Gorge. It is close to Xingyi Airport and has convenient transportation. It also provides free pick-up and delivery to the downtown, airport and Maling Gorge.

Address: Maling Gorge, Zhaozhuang, Baiyan Bay mid-Donghuan Rd, Xingyi, Qianxinan

Telephone: +86-859-356-6888  

Fax: +86-859-356-6888

Xingyi Haiyu Hotel

This is a top hotel in a key commercial area, opposite Xingyi Central Square, with many banks and shopping malls nearby. It also has convenient transportation and is near the scenic Maling Gorge.

Address: 10 Ruijin North Rd, Xingyi, close to Jishan Square.

Telephone: +86-400-6886-687

Fortune International Hotel Xingyi

This provides accommodation, catering, conference, health center and shopping mall services in a completely modern setting and is an architectural hallmark. It covers a 60,000-square-meter area and has 30 floors, with various types of rooms such as a president suite, minister suite, administrative luxury suite, large bedrooms, and standard guest rooms.

Address: 19 Ruijin Rd, Jushan New District, Xingyi, Qianxinan

Telephone: +86-400-6191-303

Qianshan Resort Hotel

This hotel was established in 2001 at cost of more than 50 million yuan, on a 5.3-hectare space. It has more than 200 staff members to provide accommodation, catering, recreation and entertainment services with a complete range of facilities and convenient transportation. It is a '4-star' hotel (as of 2006) and has 411 rooms of various types. 

Address: 20 Ruijin No. Rd, Xingyi, Qianxinan

Telephone: +86-859-311-6669

Panjiang Hotel

This is located at 4 Panjiang West Rd in Xingyi's downtown area. It was established by the Qianxinan government and opened in March 1980. It became Qianxinan’s first star-rated tourist hotel in December 1995, and in July 2005, got 3-star tourist hotel designation. It has 145 guest rooms at various levels and 257 beds.

Address: 4 Panjiang West Rd, Xingyi downtown area, Qianxinan

Telephone: +86-859-322-3456